Coping with Dog Drool

You know that your dog drools quite a bit. The drooling from your dog is enough to make you sick, but you know he cannot help it. I know my English Mastiff is a never ending drool machine and I had to learn how to deal with that. Now granted I knew that they drooled quite a bit before I purchased him, but you might not realize that your dog will drool until he gets older. Here are different methods that I have been using to help control the drool.
The first method that I have used to handle his drool is following him around with paper towels after he gets done drinking. My dog mainly drools when he is drinking and it will come down in great big drops so it is rather disgusting and makes the floor very slick. So now he will stand next to his water bowl if we are in the same room with him and wait for us to wipe off his face.

The second method that I have taught my dog to handle the drool is when we are not around and he gets a drink we have him put his head over his food bowl. Now I know that he doesn’t do this all of the time, but he does do it most of the time. This really helps out if your able to teach your dog this because then you will not have as much drool on your floor to slip on.

Now the third method that I am still working on is tapping him on his nose to get him to lap up his own drool., I know that it is possible to teach your dog to do that because I trained one of my older dogs to do that. This is actually the best solution if your able to train him to do that because then you will not have to worry about him leaving drool all over your floor or getting the drool into his food bowl for you to have to wipe out before feeding him.

Your dogs drool can be a disgusting habit that your dog has. Sometimes your dog will outgrow his drooling problem. However, if he doesn’t then you will want to try some of the methods that I outlined above. I know that these methods help control my dogs drooling problem which gets even worse when he drinks, so you will want to try to keep an eye on him while your dog drinks.

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